Buying a new property

  • have a surveyor inspect the property before contract and again before completion
  • attend the property regularly during construction to make sure work is proceeding as you envisage (windows, plugs, doors, etc. in the right place)
  • inspect the property yourself and prepare a list of defects for remedying before completion.
  • agree any outstanding items to be remedied by the developer during the post completion two year warranty period covered by the National House Builders Council (NHBC) or other guarantee provided.


Your solicitor will ensure:

  • there is planning approval
  • there is building control approval
  • a Road Bond covers the road, footpath and service installations (the developer is required to have his bank or NHBC guarantee to the Department of the Environment that the road will be finished to the appropriate standard in the event of the default or bankruptcy of the developer)
  • an Article 17 Water Consent is in place confirming the approval of sewers, drains and water supply layouts by the Department of the Environment
  • an NHBC 10 year guarantee certificate is provided (giving a 2 year warranty against minor defects and 10 year cover in respect of major structural matters such as roofs, foundations and walls); alternatively an architect should supervise the work and upon completion certify that the building has been constructed in accordance with all relevant statutory requirements
  • a building control completion certificate and builders warranty is provided after completion

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