Moving Checklist

Ideally you should have your contract signed and have four weeks to prepare for the move. Unfortunately these days due to delays in surveys, mortgage offers, or with your purchasers or further down the chain sellers often don't know for sure if the move is actually taking place until what seems like the last minute.

In an ideal situation these are the arrangements you should make:

One month:

  • Open a file to collect all documents in connection with the move in one place.
  • Ask for a price quotation for your completion date from two or three reputable removal firms.
  • Ask for written confirmation that the removal firm is insured.
  • Make travel arrangements for the day of the move if long distances are involved.
  • Notify landlord if moving out of rented accommodation.
  • Contact telephone company to arrange for installation of phone line at new property.
  • Inform telephone, electric and gas companies and arrange to have meters read.
  • Make provisional time off work arrangements.
  • Begin clearing present home of unwanted items.
  • Begin packing non essential ornaments in boxes labelled by room for new property.

Two weeks:

  • Inform Post Office of new postal address and arrange for redirection of post after completion.
  • Book pets into care or make family arrangements for big day.
  • Pack little used articles of clothing.
  • Mail out change of address cards and don't forget to include doctor, dentist, optician and vet.

One week:

  • Notify Rates Office of move.
  • Cancel milkman and newspapers.
  • Confirm arrangements with BT, NTL and Phoenix gas.
  • Make sure electric meter will be read on completion day.
  • Confirm arrangements with removal firm.
  • Finish the rest of the packing.
  • Notify neighbours.

One day:

  • Pack emergency rations to carry with you.
  • Check each room to make sure all is going to plan.
  • Defrost fridge/freezer.
  • Make sure that house is clean for new owners.
  • Keep toaster and immediate kitchen survival kit separate.
  • Take down curtains and blinds.

Moving day:

  • Take a note of all meter readings.
  • Do final checks around home.
  • Close and lock all the doors and windows.
  • Leave key with solicitor or agent.

Upon arrival in new home:

  • Clean if necessary.
  • Unpack and organise bedroom essentials first.
  • Organise kitchen second.

Legal content supplied by Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors.